• “The first thing you notice is Tafari’s voice, which is powerful but also vulnerable. It’s a combination that calls to mind artists like Adele & Sam Smith. Appropriately, ‘Maybe When We Get Older’ is a gorgeous ballad from the point of view of a heartbroken, hopeless romantic, and it really lets Tafari flex his vocal chops.”

    CBC Searchlight Panel, 2016

  • “Tafari Anthony’s voice is a powerhouse. His rich and sultry vocals will grip you from the very beginning of his song [Maybe When We Get Older].”

    – Kiah Welsh, CBC Toronto


TAFARI ANTHONY (pronounced ta-far-eye) is a Canadian singer/songwriter who has enjoyed national success performing with the Arts Club in Vancouver, Stage West in Calgary and Toronto, and providing backing vocals for solo artist and lead vocalist of The Philosopher Kings Jarvis Church. Over the past year, Tafari’s undeniable talent as a solo artist was recognized by Canada’s Walk of Fame. Most recently, he was selected as one of CBC Searchlight’s top 25 performers in the country. Tafari’s command over songwriting moves beyond storytelling and reaches into the very soul of universal human experience. His powerful voice carries a compassion and quiet strength that the Toronto Star said, “captures the right mixture of power and pathos”.


DIE FOR YOU, is a raw proclamation of empowerment through defiance, conflict and heartbreak. The title track is an addictive battle-cry against injustice and privilege. The record is loaded with killer baselines, hot guitar riffs, and driving percussion that fuse the excitement of rock with the cool groove of R&B. The exception, “Maybe When We Get Older”, relies on a solo piano to compliment Tafari’s passionate and inspiring voice. This track was recently recognized by Canada’s Walk of Fame Emerging Artist Program. and awarded him a spot to perform in the most recent Canada’s Walk of Fame festival held at Toronto’s Dundas Square. “Die For You” is one part rock anthem, one part break-up song, and one part pop hook blended together with talent and conviction to create lively and compelling music.





Photo Credit: Donny Anderson & Tafari Anthony

Photo Credit: Donny Anderson & Tafari Anthony

Photo Credit: Alexandrea McGillis & Tafari Anthony